Jay Goulding
Jay Goulding
Associate Professor
Department of Equity Studies, York University
Research keywords: Classical and modern Chinese; Japanese philosophy, religion and culture; hermeneutic phenomenology
Jay Goulding is Associate Professor in the Department of Equity Studies. His expertise is in classical and modern Chinese and Japanese philosophy, religion and culture as well as hermeneutic phenomenology.

He has published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sociological Analysis: A Journal of Comparative Religion, Political Theory, Catalyst, Anhui Normal University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, China Review International, and Beijing University’s Gate of Philosophy.

His recent and forthcoming publications include: “Heidegger’s Daoist Phenomenology” in Daoist Resonances in Heidegger: Exploring A Forgotten Debt (Bloomsbury Academic), edited by David Chai and the first book solely devoted to Heidegger and Daoism; and “Cheng and Gadamer: Daoist Phenomenology” in the Journal of Chinese Philosophy (2021), a special Festschrift for Chung-ying Cheng and Hans-Georg, and invited by the editors to contribute “in recognition of prominence in hermeneutics and philosophy.”