Raju Das
Raju J. Das
Professor of Geography
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University
Research keywords: Relations between politics and economics; India; class relations; nature of capitalism; the state; poverty; uneven economic development; neoliberal agriculture and industrialization; fascistic tendencies; progressive social movements
Raju J Das teaches in the Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change. He teaches courses on global economy, South Asia, International development, and the State, civil society and development. He researches the relations between politics and economics, both theoretically and in the context of India. He writes about class relations, nature of capitalism, the State, poverty, uneven economic development, the nature of neoliberal agriculture and industrialization, fascistic tendencies, and progressive social movements. His books on India include: Critical Reflections on Economics and Politics in India: A Class Theory Perspective and The Political Economy of New India. More information about him can be found here: https://rajudas.info.yorku.ca/