Elena Chou
Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Programme in Sociology, York University
Research keywords: Race and racialization; social inequality; identity and representation; cultural studies and popular culture; global Asian diaspora
Elena Chou is a PhD candidate (ABD) in the Department of Sociology at York University, sessional lecturer and researcher. Her areas of research interest focus on race and racialization as they intersect with other forms of social inequality, identity and representation, cultural studies and popular culture, and the global Asian diaspora. Her dissertation examines how race continues to play an important role in producing and shaping the media and public cultural discourses which define Canadian culture within the context of multiculturalism, through an examination of the ways in which Asian Canadians and Asian-ness are discursively constructed and represented as abject and/or “Other” in Canadian media and culture. She has published in the areas of Chinese immigrant women in Canada, critical pedagogy and popular music.