Research Snapshots on Asia and Asian Diaspora 

This initiative aims to make key research findings related to Asia and Asian Diaspora by York scholars available to non-academic audiences.

China’s automotive modernization and strategic industrial policy
Gregory Chin, Department of Political Science

Diversity and pluralism in Islam: Historical and contemporary discourses amongst Muslims
Zulfikar Hirji, Department of Anthropology

Understanding the Filipino Experience in the Toronto Job Market
Philip F. Kelly, Department of Geography

Resident integration adds to the social and economic wellbeing of migrants
Ann H. Kim, Department of Sociology

The pressures of rapid population ageing affect retirement, work and pension policies in South Korea
Thomas Klassen, Department of Political Science

What are the consumer preferences of Chinese immigrants in Toronto?
Lucia Lo, Department of Geography

Shrimp farmers in Thailand need to be involved in regulating their industry
Peter Vandergeest, Department of Geography

Promoting mental health through empowerment and community capacity building
Yuk-Lin Renita Wong, School of Social Work

Is there an emerging Chinese model of the university?
Qiang Zha, Faculty of Education

We need to improve our understanding of natural resource development and its impact on the developing world
Keith Barney, YCAR Research Associate

Damming Rivers: Lessons learned from the northwest uplands of Vietnam
Nga Dao, YCAR Research Associate

What is the relationship between domestic violence and dowry?
Sharada Srinivasan, YCAR Research Associate