Archive | Programmes and Projects

Completed programmes and projects administered by YCAR:

Agency Data on Migration Pilot Project

An Empire Dances Back: Nationalism, Postcoloniality and the Canadian Diaspora Through Philippine Folk Dance Traditions

Asia, BRICS and the Emerging World

Asian Connections: Linking Mobilities of Capital & Labour in Theory & Practice

Ati-atihan Festival on the Move

Between Mountains: Refugee Life during the Korean War, 1948-1953

Buddhism across Boundaries: Subaltern, Plebeian and Peripheral Networks in Colonial Southeast Asia

Confrontations, Constellations and Aspirations: Reflections on Diaspora and Transnationalism Through the Lens of Youth Formations

Critical Diaspora Studies Series

Cultural Translation and Chinese-Canadian Studies

Democratic Shifts and Gender in Asia: ‘Scarce’ Women and ‘Surplus’ Men

Ecologies on the Edge

The Emotions of Migration in Asia

Eve-Teasing: Young Women and Men Discuss Public Harassment in the Urban Slums of India

Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada

The Future of Contractual Mandatory Retirement in Aging Korea and Japan

Human Rights and the Arts: Perspectives from Global Asia

Literatures and Human Rights in Asia and Asian Diaspora

Matching Policies, Institutions and Practices of Water Governance in the Salween-Thanlwin-Nu River Basin

Media Boycotts Survey

New Directions in Environmental Governance: Remaking Public and Private Authority in Southeast Asia

“Other Diplomacies”: Making of Canada-Asia Relations: The Roles of “Other Diplomacies Workshop

Philippine Arts and Social Studies in the Ontario Curriculum

Predicaments of a “Post-Conflict” Generation: A Comparative Study of Sikh and Ahmadiyya Diaspora Formations

Spectacles, Politics and Histories in Korea

Towards a History of the Publishing House Ganga Pustak Mala

Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership

When Roots/Routes Matter: The Appearance and Disappearance of Asylum Seeking Families from the DPRK in Canada

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