New Asia Research Brief Examines the Management of Wetland Regions in Kerala, India

Sanil Kumar‘s research focuses on the effective management of Indian wetland regions through the adoption of an integrated planning framework.

His study site, the Kuttanad Wetland region, is one of the state of Kerala’s densest rural locations. The region is ecologically sensitive and known for its unique below sea-level farming practices that have continued for over 150 years. Kerala is one of India’s fastest urbanizing states and is presently facing a shortage in its total agricultural production.

Read more about his work in the Kuttanad Wetland region in the latest YCAR Asia Research Brief.

On 7 November 2019 (2pm, room 626, Kaneff Tower), Sanil will share an illustrated presentation into this unique wetland and the need for its better management through a series of participatory planning strategies. Click HERE for event details.

Sanil is a doctoral research scholar in the department of Architecture and Planning at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He is a YCAR graduate associate, a Shastri Indo-Canadian Research Fellow and an International Visiting Research Trainee at the Faculty of Environment Studies here at York University.

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