Celebrating Lunar New Year 2024: YCAR’s Collaborative Cultural Exploration

York Center for Asian Research celebrated its Lunar New Year Festival on February 14 by organizing the annual Chinese Culture Day event, alongside the Language Arts and Professional Studies department, Department of Languages, Literatures, Linguistics, and Founders College.

This annual event was a unique opportunity to showcase the rich culture and traditions of Chinese heritage and its contemporary relevance in Canada through a convergence of academic talks, discussions, and cultural performances.

Among the distinguished speakers was YCAR associate Jack Leong, who brought his expertise as the senior librarian and former associate dean of research and open scholarship. His insights, along with those from other notable YCAR associates like Gang Pan, Pietro Giordan, Jessica Tsui-yan Li, and Jia Ma, enriched the event’s academic fabric.

This gathering was not just an event but a spotlight on YCAR’s commitment to cultural exploration and academic excellence. It’s worth noting that this celebration caught the attention of York University’s official newspaper, YFile, which featured a detailed story on the festivities.

For an in-depth look at the event and its highlights, feel free to read the full article on YFile at this link.

Organizers at Chinese Culture Day
Organizers, attendees and performers at the Chinese Culture Day event.
From left to right: Gang Pan, Pietro Giordan, Yu Chang, Jack Leong, Jessica Tsui-yan Li, Alice K. Chan, Michelle Cai, Carrie Ling Wan Leung, Chris Song, Karen Xiaoning Shi and Jia Ma.

This event was open to the students, scholars, and faculty members of York University and community members in the Greater Toronto Area. It was sponsored by LA&PS, DLLL, the York Centre for Asian Research and Founders College.