Janet T. Landa publishes book on Chinese merchants in Southeast Asia

YCAR faculty associate, Janet T. Landa (Economics) recently published a new book, Economic Success of Chinese Merchants in Southeast Asia: Identity, Ethnic Cooperation and Conflict: Integrating the Social Sciences with Evolutionary Biology. The book focuses on the role of Chinese middlemen groups in facilitating trade and specialization in Southeast Asia. Professor Landa brings to light the way informal Chinese social institutions create trust networks that are central to economic activity in the region. The book contains a Foreword by Nobel Laureate in Economics, Ronald Coase. Congratulations Professor Landa!

See reviews for the book from the 2017 Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics Conference: https://www.sioe.org/news/new-work-landa-and-richman-relational-contracts

The book is available for purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/Economic-Success-Chinese-Merchants…/dp/364254018X