YCAR Lecture Series Fund

YCAR presents several lecture series every academic year, which allow for the development of a coherent thematic focus and ongoing conversations. Each Spring, the Centre invites proposals from Faculty and Graduate Associates who wish to organize a seminar series in the following academic year.  In most cases, these should consist of 3-5 lectures around a theme that is focused enough to sustain an ongoing inter-disciplinary discussion, but open enough allow for wider engagement.

The Centre provides funding to assist with refreshments, room bookings, publicity and some speaker travel expenses.

Faculty and graduate associates interested in organizing a lecture series should submit a concept note indicating the following:

  1. What would be the thematic focus of the lecture series?
  2. Who will you collaborate with to organize the series? (Ideally, we’d like to see a series that reflects the interests of a cluster of YCAR faculty and graduate associates)
  3. Who do you have in mind as speakers? (Ideally a mix of York and non-York scholars)
  4. What expenses do you foresee?
  5. Are there other sources of funding that you might try to access in order to assist with the costs of the series?

If you are interested in organizing a lecture series in the 2017.2018 academic year, please respond to these questions by 19 March 2018 to ycar@yorku.ca.